Sept 23rd 2017

With the main part of the season coming to an end it was disappointing to find the committee had to cancel the end of season CA Association Hcp event. This was entirely due to an insufficient number of players.

However, under Nick Evans’ management, a one day event was run playing 14 point Hcp games on full lawns. For an event which had no history, no tried and tested format, only six players, and no trophy, it was remarkable successful. Handicaps ranged from 1 – 20. Games were timed to a generous 90 minutes allowing plenty of opportunity to finish, peg out and brew up – or so you would think. But, players were soon making hard work of the slow lawns and only two games finished before time. Nobody dominated the day, and everyone won at least one games.

Mel had to re-set hoop 2 on lawn one which looked like it had suffered a mini nuclear strike. James and Sheila were excellent in providing tea.

I feel a simple one day event like this would be very popular with AC players so maybe it should replace the CA event. No commitments, pay on the day, and we advertise it throughout the area.