The club runs various club competitions throughout the year and competitive matches against other clubs in the area. Details will be shown here once finalised.

The season opens with an Association and a Short competition, usually held around Easter. These competitions are open to all members and played on a handicap basis. There will be a small entry fee – just turn up on the day. There is usually a good mix of standards and the winner of each event receives a trophy. At the end of the season, closing Association and Short competitions take place – same rules as for the opening events. There are a number of other events throughout the season.

The club also holds Golf croquet tournaments.

The club hosts open competitions allowing players from other clubs to participate. These are different to the club events as CA membership is usually required, and you must pre-book and pay your entry.

For more details on all the club’s competitions and events please check this page and keep a watch on the notice board in the clubhouse.

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Played as knockouts during the season. Arrange you own dates to suit, but please observe the deadlines for completion of rounds.

May Jack Trophy Association Handicap
All association playing members will be included in the draw. If you do not wish to participate delete your name.

Golf Singles Handicap
All playing members will be included in the draw. If you do not wish to participate delete your name.

Level Advanced Association  and  Doubles Association Handicap
Entries with your annual subscription or via club notice board.

The Ladder
Your name will be on the cards in the clubhouse. If you do not wish to participate remove your card. It’s a fun thing. You can play Golf, Association or One Ball.  So all should ‘have a go’ The ladder runs from 1 March to 31 October.


Details to follow


Club Days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12 noon, with a break for lunch. Members may just turn up. The afternoon is organised by a senior member, and members are expected to mix in. The types of game may be Association, Short or Golf Croquet. Priority is given to Golf on Tuesdays and Association on Wednesdays.