Normal hours of play
12am to dusk, except Saturday when play can start at 10am.
Please check the club programme to find out if a tournament is being held on a particular day.
During the winter season (Nov 1st to March 31st) we try to keep all lawns open for play, but please don’t play if the ground is frost-bound or water-logged as the grass will be damaged.
In order to even the wear on the lawns try to rotate the lawns you play on – in particular do not always play on Lawn 1.

No person under the age of 18 is allowed in St. Andrews grounds.
Guests over the age of 18 may be brought along on paying a visitor’s fee of £5 per session (2015). It is the member’s responsibility to fill in the visitors’ book and hand the fee to a committee member, preferably the treasurer.
Newcomers interested in joining are entitled to two initial visits without charge, before applying. Thereafter, until their application is accepted, they pay the guest fee of £5.00. The visitors’ book must be filled in for these newcomers.

Club afternoons
Play usually starts after midday. Members may just turn up and are expected to mix in. The afternoon is organised by a senior club member. The types of game may be Association, Short or Golf croquet. At least one lawn is reserved for Association croquet.
On Tuesday the focus is on Golf, and Wednesday, on Association.
If a pre-arranged game needs to be played during a club afternoon, i.e. a tournament match, please consult the senior club member on the day.

Short Croquet
Members wishing to play short croquet have to use lawns 1 or 2 as these are the only ones marked out for this. They have priority to do so during club afternoons and may ask for members already playing Golf or Association on these lawns to move to lawns 3 or 4, or share 1 or 2 as short lawns.

Double banking
When all lawns are in use members will have to share a lawn. Please ask permission from all players already using the lawn.